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 About Green Wood Pack

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In a land far away, luscious plains fill the surface of the earth. These plains are surrounded by forests, enclosed by the highest of mountains. Miles and miles of fields are hidden within ranges of shale rock, and waterfalls are prominent within the deepest gathering of woodland. A terra all for wolves, only for wolves. Here, at the Green Wood Pack, we gather fittest and the finest of wolves who learn importance of stealth as they speed through the ever going forests untill the reach the beautiful lake front, Lake Gynasady, here lies our East border. On the other side of our lush green territory, we have the grand Ocean, you can watch the setting sun here on the west side... Enough of that! It may sound perfect but that would just be lies that have been woven inside your cranium, there is no such thing as perfect in a fiddled world such as our own... The winters are harsh, where there is prey there are predators, don't let your guard down, this is a battle only for the fittest of the finest.
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About Green Wood Pack
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