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 Big Jingle with The Wanted

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PostSubject: Big Jingle with The Wanted   Big Jingle with The Wanted EmptySat Dec 22, 2012 6:54 pm

Some of you know, some of you don't but I LOVE the Wanted. THEY ARE THE BEST! Anyways... thought I would share this with you


Manger: Guys seriously! You got two minutes and then I need you on stage. Okay?
Siva: Wha? Bu.. We aren't ready
Nathan: Ya, we aren't ready
Max: We gotta get dressed

Siva: This is why we're never on the nice list! The Nice List!
Nathan: Wha? I... I. I'm nicely. I'm always on the nice list!
Siva: You're not always nicely.
Nathan: Alright I am!
Siva: Why are you on the nice list?
Nathan: *Stutters* Pht. 'Cos I-I saved that s-squirrel f-from f-falling f-f-from a tree! (Oh. My. God. IluvUNathanJamesSkyes XD)


Siva: I'm just a nice person! That's why I'm nicely!

Nathan: *Rolls eyes. Whatever...*

*Points at Tom* You look terrible today.
Tom: *Hasn't done anything yet* What? *Aggravated*
Siva: *Quickly Speaks* No offense.
Tom: I can say I look terrible. YOU don't say I look terrible.


Tom: Anyway. We're going on stage. See you on stage.


Ohueisgvbeibsv I Love Nathan XD XD XD XD
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Big Jingle with The Wanted
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