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 Angeline, The sweet

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Angeline, The sweet Empty
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The Basics:

Name: Angeline
Nicknames: Angel,Feather
Age: 2 years
Gender: Female
Rank: Shaman
Breed: Timber wolf


Coat Length: It is very long
Pelt Colour: Tan and blonde with a hint of dark brown
Eye Colour: Pale green
Markings and Designs: Angel has a circle around her let eye with three dots besides it she also has her chest dark brown with her four paws the same color as her chest and has her tail tip blonde
Scars and Scratches: Currently the she-wolf has no battle scars
Wolf Build: Angel is a bit tall with small ears and long legs she also has a very fluffy tail


Personality: Angel is a sweet,kind and cunning she-wolf but she also could be very stubborn when it comes to certain things in her life. Futher more angeline cannot adapt to certain areas very quickly and would most likely explore the area even if one part of it is dangerous she is also wild when she is very comfortable to show her wild side witch means she can be a bit too flirty with males
Wolf Likes: Rain, Males, Thunder storms, Flowers, caring for others
Wolf Dislikes: Loud noises, blood, bears, and he darkness
Wolf Strengths: Running, Fighting, and hunting
Wolf Weaknesses: Seeing pups hurt, her accent
Wolf Habits: She would sometimes slip into talking in french for a long time without translating what she says
Wolf Talents: being herself is a talent


Parents: Ryker-father-unknown staus Emerald-mother unknown staus
Siblings: Ace-older brother-Alive Shade-Older brother-Alive
Pups: think of lots of tiny brown furballs running around...not right now
Best Bud: None
Friends: N/A
Enemies: She doesn't have any emines nor want to have any
Crush: She isnt that sweet
Mate: HAHAHA no



Angeline, The sweet A9vfcw
Themesong: Die young-Ke$ha


Angeline was born in Normandy, France on the dawn of June 1st she had Two older brothers at that time when her father left her mother emerald Ryker told emerald that he no longer loved her and would leave her in a result and take Angeline,ace,and shade emerald was furious with her mate for leaving her and for taking all three of her children so emerald picked up a fight with Ryker was stronger then emerald and killed her as the fight went and ended angeline was scared and furious at her father for being killing her mother when she was only 3 months old and for him being so strong ryker then carried Angeline to the mountains while ace and shade walked along side him to the mountains where ryker taught them all t be a great fighter while ace and shade did become a good fighter Angeline became a great one with her agility good as well then there was a storm that hit making shade and ace go far away from their father and sister and both ryker and Angeline where separated
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Angeline, The sweet
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