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 Generations and Events

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PostSubject: Generations and Events   Generations and  Events EmptySun Jan 20, 2013 4:05 pm

First Gen.: Ordareesa, Feather, Wyndbane, Convel, Nariyai, Tearla, Kala, Takoda, Fell
Second Gen: Vince, Amatis, Angeline, Shuckle, Zander, Kana
Third Gen: Keli, Zaylex, Taima, Kira, Kyo, Fellaree, Nevanko, Kalami, Jay, Tipa, Yuzuki
Fourth Gen: Asa, Kenzo, Shira, Lexdin, Kenji, Lareeko

Main events:
Battle of the evil wolves
Convel's insanity/leaving/returning/leaving again
Fellaree and Kyo's Alphaness
Ordareesa's leaving
Bears coming
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Generations and Events
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