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 Keli the Omega

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PostSubject: Keli the Omega   Sun Jan 20, 2013 8:57 pm

The Basics:

Name: Keli Moon
Nicknames: Try to find one
Age: 2 1/2 years
Gender: Female
Rank: Omega
Breed: Timber-European mix[/size]


Coat Length: Long-medium and sleek
Pelt Colour: Silver
Eye Colour: Amber
Markings and Designs: White patches
Scars and Scratches: Some scratches here and there, as she used to be a warrior
Wolf Build: Small and nimble


Personality: She is tough and cold to the pack and to loners, putting on a forced, polite mask, but when she is around her mate, Keli is timid and worriesome.
Wolf Likes: Feeling safe, her father, Nevanko
Wolf Dislikes: Being outside the den, her mother, the pack
Wolf Strengths: She is quick and agile
Wolf Weaknesses: Most of the pack dislikes her a good deal
Wolf Habits: Shaking when scared
Wolf Talents: Hunting


Parents: Feather Moon and Convel
Siblings: Zaylex, Kyo, and Taima are her brothers, and Kira is her sister.
Pups: She wants pups, but does not have them.
Best Bud: Used to be Zaylex, however her only friend now is Nevanko.
Friends: Keli is considered an outcast, and the only wolves who consider her to be somewhat decent are her brother, Zaylex, her mother, Feather, and her mate, of course.
Enemies: Half and half Zaylex, she despises her mother, and is scared of the pack.
Mate: Her dear mate is Nevanko, he went through hell and back with her.


Themesong: What Goes Around Comes Around by Justin Timberlake

Keli Moon was born to Feather and Convel. She was her father's favorite, and also, as she grew up, the most attractive, with a gleaming silver pelt. Convel was her idol, and Keli defended his honor from the pack. Influenced by him, she became a warrior even though her light build suggested a hunter. Her and Zaylex were best friends, inseperable. After Convel became insane and left, Keli was the only one who still loved their father, believing him sick. Without Convel to brag on her and compliment her, and a lapse of attention from her mother, Keli began flirting with the young, newly apprentinced Nevanko. The small apprentice had been bullied by his siblings right at the time, so Keli figured all she would do was act attractive, protect him for a little while, and gain the attention she wanted. However, something sparked inside her after a while, and the silver fae gained her first and only crush on the albino. Keli was scared to tell him, however, because he was the alpha's pup, and as she had only been flirting earlier, could easily reject her. When she was following her sister, Kira, out of the territory, and Jay came around and told Kira he loved her, Keli became angry. Kira had always had the perfect life in Keli's mind- perfect at her rank, had the male of her dreams, and the pack's admiration. In spite, the small femme attacked her sister, attemping in vain to kill her. However, she failed, and only knocked Kira out. Zaylex treated her as an outcast when he heard, and her mother disowned her after she also knew. When Kira told the pack that it was Keli, Nevanko stood up for her and took the blame. Shocked that he apparently loved her back, Keli admitted to attempting murder and became omega. Shortly after Nevanko joined her as omega for attacking his sister, she and him became mates.
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Keli the Omega
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