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 Convel - PG For the first part, PG 13 for second

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Convel - PG For the first part, PG 13 for second Empty
PostSubject: Convel - PG For the first part, PG 13 for second   Convel - PG For the first part, PG 13 for second EmptyFri Mar 15, 2013 6:52 pm

Ok, I've constructed a list of anyone, canon or not, that ever had even a glimpse of relationship with Convel, even if I was only thinking about it. *Warning, contains slash*

First, we have canon.
Kira- Convel's best friend, they were friends since Convel was an apprentice and fell in love. They both taunted his sister, Kira, and pulled pranks on the pack. In the side plot of Blue Skies Pack, Kira reappears and tells Convel he had bared his pup, and gives Shilo, his daughter, to him. When Convel and Kira both die, it is unknown if Convel saw Kira again, but generally accepted that he chose to stay behind as a ghost for his whole life, training his daughter.
Feather- When Convel first joined the pack, after his first warrior mission, he started talking with Feather, and the two complimented each other's looks. Feather respected Convel, and admired his strength and knowledge of prey, and he did the same of her general smartness, however he was a tad sexist to her and her rank (saying the job of a healer was for females, and in general doubting her strength and telling her not to fight because she was weak as a female.). They had five pups, however fell out of love as Feather grew tired of Convel's general snarkiness and hatred for any males having anything to do with his family, and Convel started disliking the fact that as time grew, she became more and more irritated. The two lasted until the fire, when Convel rushed back in with Vince to get his and Feather's pups, and a tree branch fell on his leg, causing a limp that he has to this day. Feather didn't treat him, and instead he eventually woke up, but without anyone to help him regain his memory, he quickly figured everyone was dead and tried to attack the pack. When Feather tried, much to late, to heal Convel, he pushed her off and into a sharp rock, and ran away. When he returned without his memory, Feather slept beside him and was the one who helped him regain his memory, telling him she still loved him. However, he felt the need to stay away from the pack, feeling no more love for his old mate. When he told her that he was leaving in front of the pack, and asked Keli to join him, Feather told him she was scared of him and that he had stopped being her mate the minute he attacked her before. When Ordareesa returned after Convel died, she and Feather fought, Feather claiming Reesa stole Convel from her. (Which makes Feather a bipolar, because she switches from loving him to not loving him so much.)
Angeline- When Convel first returned after the fire, Angeline, who was a new member, flirted with him and could have potentially had a relationship with him had Feather not helped him regain his memory.
Reitta- When Convel had left the pack the first time, he went extremely far to the west, where a rock slide almost killed him. Reitta, a half saluki half wolf mix found him and nursed him back to health, and they found he had lost all his memories, including his name. The only thing he could remember was his mentor helping him with his first hunt, a possum. So, they named him Possa. The two lived together for six months, and Reitta was bearing his pups, however a nearby wolf pack thought of Reitta and the pups a threat, and attacked the two mates and unborn pups. Convel protected them best he could, but Reitta was killed, and with her, the pups.
Ordareesa- She realized she loved Convel about a week after Convel had pups with Feather and they were born. Fell caught her staring at him multiple times, and in a rage, ran from the pack. However, it was night, and he fell into the sea, drowning. This makes Convel and Reesa inadvertantly the reason of Fell's death. A couple days after his death, Ordareesa made Convel beta, and it was obvious he was her advisor, and that she trusted him to handle big decisions, as not even a day after he was made beta, she gave him the decision of who would be made lead hunter. After Convel came back from the fire, she figured she might be able to capture the heart of him, as he couldn't remember Feather. Unfortunately, regaining his memories from Feather caused him to leave once again. Leaving the pack in the paws of her kin, Ordareesa followed him out into the wild. She was the only one to witness his death, and became a motherly figure to Zaylex, Convel's son, while Feather was too distressed with Convel's leaving to take care of her pup.

Well, that's the canon! Now, we have noncanon. This does contain slash, which pretty much means Convel being a gay, sexy beast. My imagination. Also, we have talk of explicit crap and sex, so go away if you aren't me (I act older than my age) or 13+.
Kala- This technically would've been possible, but only if Convel was really dedicated to the pack when he found out Kala was betraying them, and was a lot more sadistic in the beginning. What I'm saying is that they're relationship would have been purely sexual, blackmail on Convel's part in exchange for keeping her secret.
Fell- I don't even know. I really don't.
Vince- Again, I don't know. Perhaps Convel could have been taking Vince out to yell at him for defiling his sister, and Vince made a little confession? I don't know.
Pride- This was from BSP. Pride was essentially Convel's right hand female. She was the smartest, and Devil had been her mate, so when Convel killed him, perhaps she got a little clingy and because Convel looked dark enough to be him?

So, yep. All the romantic possibilities for Convel. And he calls Vince a player Smile
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Convel - PG For the first part, PG 13 for second
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