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 The End Of The Lycos

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PostSubject: The End Of The Lycos   Mon Mar 25, 2013 3:37 pm

Dear Pack,

Hello All. This is your founder (No.. Really?!) Anyways. I bring sad news. This is the official end. It pains me to say this as I have worked with all of you guys for 1 3/4 years. it's been a pleasure to be with all you guys. You should all be able to see that this pack is dying slowly, painfully. I'm ending this pain my shutting it down now.

It would be great if we could keep in touch? Maybe? Since WQ doesn't seem like a place we can all chat through I have Facebook. {Autumn Trinh} (I'm not a very Internet safe person :p) Maybe if you have FB we could talk through there, maybe start up/join a different RP together?

Also. 100% parting with this pack is to much for me so I'm creating a possible blog SOME where on the internet/Maybe creating a non RP site where I post short stories, novels, fanfics. (An idea I've had for awhile) Anyways, I plan on posting the story of this pack (Like the history that I posted here) ALL of it. Plus, I have ideas for some of the wolves for the future, I can't do this without your permission though since I would be creating futures for your characters.

In the comments below please state whether or not I can have your character(s). It will be hard to do if I can't use your names!

I love you all...Goodbye




Warau the wolf goddess has fallen. Amitola has risen. Follow Shayce in this new RP Wolf site!!

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Wolf pack by Feather~

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PostSubject: Re: The End Of The Lycos   Mon Mar 25, 2013 3:57 pm

Autumn... I love this place so much. We have so many memories here, from when the original members first joined, to now, when we could see how far we have come. I'll miss this site and the old one so much, and I want to that you all, especially you, Autumn, Sarah, and Gabby and Kana. Auttie, your roleplay has helped me so much, with my writing skills, characters, and it's been so much fun.
Sarah, sorella, you don't know how much you have helped me. I remember at midnight or so a year ago, texting you telling you how much I hated my family. If I hadn't been friends with you, I never could have gotten through any of those problems.
Gabby/Tai/Fell, you were a great friend, on BSP and on here.
Sarah and Autumn, I hate to say this, but at some point my mom had asked to check my phone, and I had been forced to delete your twos' numbers. If you could send me a private message with your phone numbers again, or just send them on here, that would be great.

I would be happy giving you rights to use Zaylex, Keli, and Valtameri, Auttie, as long as you don't say that you made them. Convel I would prefer to keep to myself, as he has become my own sort of fursona.

I love this pack...

Signing off, will be returning to check answers~
Windbane, Daimon, Convel, Keli, Zaylex, Valtameri Shilo
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PostSubject: Re: The End Of The Lycos   Wed Mar 27, 2013 12:09 am

Awe bbg go on facebook, I also need your help sorting out a forum issue for a friend, so PM me here or something.

Autumn, I'm lecturing you tomorrow in class. Very strong worded lecture.

~Feather, Kira, Kyo, Taima, Takoda, Vince, Nukpana.

Edit: Just realized you added this on his 6 month anniversary Autumn. Depressing.
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PostSubject: Re: The End Of The Lycos   Sun Apr 28, 2013 12:00 pm

Anyone who comes to visit!!! Come to my new roleplay, Silver Snow Pack!!!
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PostSubject: Re: The End Of The Lycos   Mon Dec 07, 2015 11:31 pm

4-3 years ever since this site had shut down, good memories had came of it. Even though i was never on and was a horrible member. I hope one day we as a family can come back to this site and relive all those memories again. But, for now that is something i only hope to see.

Contact me on skype if anyone does come on for once- BatManAshie
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PostSubject: Re: The End Of The Lycos   

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The End Of The Lycos
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