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 Biography Form

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PostSubject: Biography Form   Biography Form EmptySat Aug 11, 2012 1:00 pm

(Feel free to add some fields of your own, this is NOT necessary to use when making adoptable forms, there just needs to be enough to enough info for the RPer who adopts your wolf for them to fill in this one)

[size=18]The Basics:[/size]



[b]Coat Length:[/b]
[b]Pelt Colour:[/b]
[b]Eye Colour:[/b]
[b]Markings and Designs:[/b]
[b]Scars and Scratches:[/b]
[b]Wolf Build:[/b]


[b]Wolf Likes:[/b]
[b]Wolf Dislikes:[/b]
[b]Wolf Strengths:[/b]
[b]Wolf Weaknesses:[/b]
[b]Wolf Habits:[/b]
[b]Wolf Talents:[/b]


[b]Best Bud:[/b]


[b]Themesong: [/b]

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Biography Form
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