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 Wynd's Creek

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PostSubject: Wynd's Creek   Wynd's Creek EmptyWed Aug 15, 2012 10:49 pm

Wynd's Creek Wynd_s10


This is a completely dried up creek with hot baked stones. Water anonymously flows on the day and night of the full moon. Named after the great Healer, Wyndbane.


The occasional small deer or rabbit coming for a drink
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PostSubject: Re: Wynd's Creek   Wynd's Creek EmptyThu Nov 15, 2012 1:20 am

= { I am Legend } =

Legend = Male = 3 1/2 = Mateless = Timber Wolf

Legend walked aimlessly until finally, in the distance he could see a break in the tress, light. The brown brute ran out from the sheltering forest. He had reached a dry creek. Nothing. No prey. No water. No wolves. No pack. Legend closed his eyes and focused on his sense of smell, trying to find a scent trail. 'I'm not going crazy! I know I smelt wolves in this direction! There has to be a pack around here, there are scent markers around this territory. Where is there camp? Why are there no patrols? I guess there is something accepting them where ever they are. I can smell that the wolves of this pack haven't been on this side of the territory in a while, if they don't patrol here loners will take over' He thought. The male finds a faint scent. He tries to follow the scent but it is soon over powered by the scent of a fresh rabbit. Out of the corner of his eye he sees a small black and gray creature hop behind a bush. Forgetting he was in pack territory, Legend goes down into a hunter's crouch and slowly stalks up to it. '-three-two-one!' The brute jumps, a cat like pounce slamming down on the hard earth inches away from the prey, a miss, before it's to late, Legend dashes after it. It took a couple seconds but soon enough he had rabbit in mouth. Legend then realizes he has ran up the creek and was more lost then before. The dusty male has no other choice, he lifts his snout to the air and howls, telling the pack he is in the territory.

Wynd's Creek USVHv
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Wynd's Creek
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