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 The Farm

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PostSubject: The Farm    The Farm   EmptyWed Aug 15, 2012 11:05 pm

The Farm   The_fa10


A small old farm with a crazy old man with a shotgun who ain't 'fraid of blasting any ol' wolf.


Chickens, Goats, Sheep and Cow.

~Dice Roll~

To hunt here you have to use the Dice Roll, Watch out for the cranky old farmer with a shotgun!
There is ALWAYS fat juicy prey here all year round and definitely in reach of our hungry pack.
There are six side die with three different possible answers, "Success", "Failed" and "Shot"
You DO NOT die if shot but are VERY badly injured and have to be tended to by a Healer ASAP.

Chickens- 4 sides Success- 1 side failed- 1 side shot

Goats- 3 sides Success- 2 side failed- 1 sides shot

Sheep- 2 sides Success- 1 side failed- 2 sides shot

Cows- 1 side Success- 2 sides failed- 3 sides shot
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The Farm
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