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 Kyo, The Alpha

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PostSubject: Kyo, The Alpha   Kyo, The Alpha EmptySat Sep 01, 2012 9:36 pm

The Basics:


This canids name is Kyo.


Some wolves like to call him Ky.


Ky is just over 1 year and 8 months old.


HE is male.


This is the Alpha Male.


Kyo is a cross of Ethiopian and Grey wolf.


Coat Length:

Kyo's coat is of medium thickness and length.

Pelt Colour:

He is a radiant orange colour in the summer and leans toward a rusty shade in the winter.

Eye Colour:

Ky's eyes are a brilliant dark blue.

Markings and Designs:

He has no markings or designs.

Scars and Scratches:

Ky has a small scar on his stomach from when he was a pup and became
entangled in brambles.

Wolf Build:

Kyo is a strong male with plenty of muscle. He has sturdy bones and a
thin figure.



Ky tries his best to be fair but his temper some times acts up. He
fights for what he believes in and won't give up easily.

Wolf Likes:

Kyo enjoys a good hunt of large prey. He loves to sleep in the sun
and enjoys spending time with his friends.

Wolf Dislikes:

Kyo has a boiling hatred of his father, Convel for reasons he will
not discuss freely.

Wolf Strengths:

Ky is good at leading and has strong confidence in his abilities.
He's also a great hunter.

Wolf Weaknesses:

If Kyo sees a living snake he will be gone with his tail between his



Feather- Lead Healer- Mother

Convel- Status Unknown- Father


Kira- Hunter-In-Training- Sister

Taima- Shaman-In-Training- Brother

Keli- Warrior-In-Training- Sister

Zaylex- Healer-In-Training- Brother


None... Yet Wink

Best Bud:

Kyo's "best bud" is Jay or Nevanko.


Kyo is friends with most of his pack-mates.


He has no "enemies" but the wolves who he does not favor are Zander
and Zaylex.







Kyo, The Alpha 2yuhzxe


To come soon!


Kyo was born into the Green Wood Pack and raised as a normal pup
until he was abot=ut two months old. At this age there was an extreme drought and a raging forest fire ravaged his home. The whole pack left the territory, and once all wolves were in the safety of a clearing, Convel, Kyo's father went insane and killed an injured pack member. Ranting about how they were all actually dead from the fire, Feather, Ky mother, tried desperately to calm her mate. Convel did not believe Feather's promise that they were still alive and attacked her somewhat before running off into the forest.

Kyo's mother spent the next months in depression and loss. Ky decided to take charge of his siblings and grew up far to quickly for his age. By the time he was apprenticed Convel had returned, but with no memory of Green Wood before the fire. Kyo had allowed his hatred for Convel to boil over in the months without his father. When Ky was notified of Convel's return under the name of Possa, the orange male had gone to his mother's side and waited. Fea had instantly trieed to regain Convel's memory and succeeded just before Kyo was apprenticed.

Ky had been destined to learn the skills of a Beta from his aunt, Kana, and his siblings were to be taught Healing, to Zaylex and Hunting,to Kira. Taima found that he was meant to be Shaman, and Keli would be a warrior. Less than a day after his apprenticing, another turn of fate came upon Kyo. Ordareesa declared her love for his father and Feather followed Ordareesa into the woods. The two females had argued about it for a while before Feather sent Kyo away. Not wanting to disappoint his mother, Kyo left and didn't turn back.

In the time that Kyo had not been there, Feather, it seemed, had decided she wanted Convel and Ree to be together and for them both to get off the territory. Convel had offered to take Keli with them, but the gray female had stayed behind. In the place of the Alpha, Kyo stood next to Fellaree, Ordareesa and Fells' daughter. Shortly after, Kyo had built a disliking to his brother, Zaylex, when the Healer's Apprentice took a fancy to being Feather's favored child and decided to take Fellaree out for a few days.

Kyo's life carries on from this point...
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Kyo, The Alpha
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