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 Zander the big red

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PostSubject: Zander the big red   Zander the big red EmptySun Sep 02, 2012 11:40 pm

The Basics:

Name: Zander
Nicknames: Zandy, Big Red, Andy
Age: 3 years of age
Gender: Male
Rank: Beta
Breed: DireWolf


Coat Length: Short and thick
Pelt Colour: Red, Beige, and black
Eye Colour: Golden yellow
Markings and Designs: Zander has his four legs black his tail tip black while he has three black spikes down both of his eyes and he has a beige stomach and half of his muzzle beige
Scars and Scratches: N/A
Wolf Build: Zander has a very strong build


Personality: Zander is a flirty, cunning, Strong-willed, and protective male he can get very outgoing and fun when hes happy and not upset about anything though he can get very serious about things
Wolf Likes: Females, Males, Helping those in need
Wolf Dislikes: Thunder storms, Loud sounds, Large bodies of water
Wolf Strengths: Running, Fighting, Hunting
Wolf Weaknesses: As said before ^
Wolf Habits: Flirting with lots of females and males
Wolf Talents: Hunting, and fighting


Siblings: *
*Rose-Adpoted sister-Dead
Pups: Not likely 
Best Bud: Fellaree
Friends: Most of the pack members
Enemies: Kyo to an extent
Crush: Not gonna happen
Mate: Only one can hope


Zander the big red Bloodspill_by_ayame_onai-d3aos0y
Themesong: Wont back down-Enimen (Will soon get video)

Zander was born  as the oldest of the litter his mother and father loved him very much but their attention was on his little sister for the most part so he got jealous so he traveled away from home hoping his mother and father noticed him gone but for weeks they have not noticed so he ran away from home when he ran into a young white female named Eva he loved her very much but she could never return his love choosing the other wolf that she knew instead of him leaving the red male heartbroken he wandered the wide open place he deiced to be a rebel one that always flirt but never loves for the fact that no female will ever return his love so he wandered into a area with humans destroying their home letting himself being harmed by them for now to this day he has battle scars from them but he could never forget the day they tried to kill him so then he found a female named winter who was a red wolf she was wonderful as zander could describe her she was his best friend but died in a terrible accident involving a river


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PostSubject: Re: Zander the big red   Zander the big red EmptyMon Sep 03, 2012 10:49 am

Welcome Zander! Hope you like the new site!
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Zander the big red
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