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 Feather, Lead Healer

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PostSubject: Feather, Lead Healer   Feather, Lead Healer EmptyTue Sep 18, 2012 1:02 am

Feather, Lead Healer 6f1qao

Feather, Lead Healer 2nioaig

The Basics:

.....Feather Bay Moon
.....Fea, but feel free to come up with others.
    .....3 years, 10 months.
    .....Fea has been graciously handed the rank of Lead Healer of GreenWood.
    .....Feather is an Ethiopian Wolf, a rare subspecies of the Grey Wolf.

Feather, Lead Healer Varnd


Coat Length:
    .....This fae has a coat length of short-medium, it is always well groomed and shiny, smoother down to the last detail.
Pelt Colour:
    .....Feather is orange with a creamy chest and stomach, as well as the insides of her legs, with a black end of her tail.
Eye Colour:
    .....Her eyes are softly blue and relatively light, the reflect the day making them sparkle like ice or light blue water.
Scars and Scratches:
    .....She bears small scar on her right cheek from Convel's attack.
Wolf Build:
    .....Feather has a slight frame and a lithe body to go with it, as is typical for the Ethiopian name she holds. This makes it easy to gain access into the back of her den, where only a small wolf or pup could fit.

Feather, Lead Healer 2m2xri1


    .....Feather is a calm wolf who has much patience for questions. She says as long as you seek knowledge, she will give you all that she has. She is in love with puppies, she enjoys very much to play with them and make them feel welcomed, though she would never cause any grief on purpose.
Wolf Likes:
    .....She likes to teach her skills to those who will listen.
Wolf Dislikes:
    .....She does not appreciate cheaters, liars, or those who show cowardice when they could be showing bravery.
Wolf Strengths:
    .....She is good at staying calm when another wolf is injured.
Wolf Weaknesses:
    .....Her children, if they are in harms way, Feather will not stop, which can turn into a liability.

Feather, Lead Healer 20hsnrk


    .....Fea was orphaned before she could know her parents.
    .....She was stolen from her pack before she can remember.
    .....The first wave~
Best Bud:
    .....Kana-Female- Betess-Deceased

Feather, Lead Healer Xmjw3d


    .....Feather was orphaned at a young age when her parents were discovered, murdered by other wolves of the same pack. The wolves were interrogated and exiled from the pack after their excuse for killing her parents, they were of higher rank, and with them out of the way, their ranks could be moved up. Not only were the wolves exiled, but Feather also was allowed to choose a punishment for the pair. They were madly in love and so Feather chose for them to go seperate ways, on stayed within a closely guarded den, scarcely fed, and the other left the territory, forever. Shortly after, Fea met a male her same age, Nukpana, they fell madly in love, but Nuke was not allowed to love Feather because of his lower ranked family, and after trying to keep his love for her alive by meeting in secret, Feather was forced to claw Nukpana's eyes and exile him in training for her Alphess' Orders. After years of being alone, she crossed paths with Nukpana in the territory and was overjoyed, but they could not speak long, and so they vowed to find each other again, if not in this life, then the next. Feather made her decision to find another pack and so she did, though over the years the memory of Nukpana began to fade and she became mates with Convel, who was driven insane by fumes from a forest fire and attacked her before leaving her for another fae, who left the territory. The fae is now back but Convel is dead, from illness, and Nukpana has kept his promise, bringing back old memories that Feather had begun to miss.

Feather, Lead Healer 35idr0o

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PostSubject: Re: Feather, Lead Healer   Feather, Lead Healer EmptyTue Sep 18, 2012 8:39 pm

I love your reference picture Feather.
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Feather, Lead Healer
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