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 The Mall Info Topic

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PostSubject: The Mall Info Topic   The Mall Info Topic EmptyThu Sep 20, 2012 9:44 pm

What is the mall? It is a place to open shops!

What kind of shops?

~Signature Shops
~Avatar Shops
~Post Banner Shops
~Post Layout Shops


There are no "Mall" rules but be careful because there will most likely be "Shop" Rules

Well okay, there is a couple of rules...

~ONE shop per person, you can have a signature stand and an avatar stand in one shop
~Follow the rules in each shop
~No mean comments about the work that they made FOR you.

Also you can have requirements, such as

~50 posts
~5 Zahne

If you REALLY want you can have a requirement like

~1000 posts
~100 Zahne

Just your shop MAY go out of business...

Last of all....

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The Mall Info Topic
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