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 Orange is Everything

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PostSubject: Orange is Everything   Fri Oct 26, 2012 3:55 pm

~{Orange is Everything}~
Orange is Chris,
As it is dark and sullen burnt orange, the color of a quiet soul, and of falling leaves.
Orange is Adayan,
As it is the color of bright neon signs and laughter, the color of happiness.
Orange is Lindsey,
As it is the sweet yet bitter citrus, the color of growing, and of change.
Orange is me,
As it is the color of embers, bright and dancing, and quickly turns to glowing coals, dark and and hiding, the color of anger, but of warmth.
Orange is me,
As it is the color of the cool relief of fall, the fire in the night, the roar of a tiger, and even the death and birth of the sun.
Orange is everything.
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Orange is Everything
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