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 Zaylex, the Lovesick Healer

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PostSubject: Zaylex, the Lovesick Healer   Zaylex, the Lovesick Healer EmptySat Nov 03, 2012 12:45 pm

size=18]The Basics:[/size]

Name: Zaylex Moon
Nicknames: Zay, Lexi
Age: 2 years old
Gender: Male
Rank: Healer
Breed: A mix of Etheopian and grey wolf.


Coat Length: A shaggy coat, like his father.
Pelt Colour: Blueish black, is developing patches of silver and darker black.
Eye Colour: Foresty green.
Markings and Designs: A couple stripes here and there of ebony, a lot of fur grows over his right eye, colored silver.
Scars and Scratches: Several scratches on his paw pads from picking berries and herbs from thorn bushes.
Wolf Build: Thin and lean, but developing some strength.


Personality: He is quiet and calculating, and while he is kind, he tries to see things realistically, and will often not pursue something if he doubts himself. He can get himself into fights by offending wolves accidentally.
Wolf Likes: Fellaree, being important to his mother
Wolf Dislikes: Keli, Kyo, being bested by others
Wolf Strengths: He is great at healing, can shut up when needed, and is the brains of his family in comparison to Kyo's muscles. It is also very rare that you can see his emotions.
Wolf Weaknesses: Not very strong, would do anything for Fellaree
Wolf Habits: Glaring when looking around
Wolf Talents: Healing


Parents: Feather Moon and Convel
Siblings: Keli & Kira Moon (sisters), Kyo & Taima Moon (brothers)
Pups: Fellaree bears his pups
Best Bud: Ordareesa and Fellaree
Friends: Kira, Feather
Enemies: Zander, Keli, Kyo, Taima, Convel
Crush: He is head over heels in love with Fellaree.
Mate: No one loves him back.


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Extra: ~
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Zaylex, the Lovesick Healer
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