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 Balloons (This is now above 10 characters.)

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PostSubject: Balloons (This is now above 10 characters.)   Balloons (This is now above 10 characters.) EmptySat Nov 10, 2012 5:39 pm

Based on: http://autobot-honeybee.deviantart.com/art/Writing-Contest-Picture-314284765

Please listen to this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FG-3LeJvfzU While you read.

Lisa looked at her shorter friend as they carried their balloons home. They had been on the boardwalk on the edge of the beach, and had bought a red balloon for Lisa, a yellow one for Jessica.

"Do you ever think about the balloons? I mean, some pop, and others go on, almost to space. I think it is a lot like people," Jessica, Lisa's best friend, said, staring pointedly at the yellow balloon.

"Eh," Lisa shrugged. Jessa was one of the oddities of sixth grade. In truth, Lisa worried- a lot- about what would happen to her in high school.

Lisa watched her brunette friend, before pushing back her blonde hair, letting herself think.

For now, the balloons floated through the air together.

Now it was tenth grade.

Lisa frowned as she walked with Jessica, once again, on the boardwalk.

"You shouldn't keep doing this. It isn't good," Lisa said, worry etched in her voice.

Jessa grimaced at these words. Her face was covered in bruises, along with her arms, and- as Lisa knew –there was a large purple and grey mark on her stomach.

This was the doing of the teenagers who hadn't taken a liking to her trying to raise a club to get a certain magazine banned from the school.

"I like trying to help," said Jessica.

Now, the red balloon was leading.

Lisa was an adult. She looked at the two twins below her, chasing each other to the end of the boardwalk and back again.

Her husband, Matthew, looked at her, suddenly, his brown eyes filled with sadness.

"Lisa, I got a letter today, from Jessica's parents…"

Lisa raised her eyebrows at this news. Jessa was living in a tiny, cramped apartment, living out her days until she ran out of money in the bank. Lisa had offered her to stay at Matt and her large house, but she refused, saying she wouldn't want to intrude.

Jessica was still raising an outcast group, this time to try and ban the factories scattered across their city.

"The letter… Jessica was murdered. They ended up getting one of the factories shut down, one man lost all of his money, and…" Matthew embraced his wife as she sobbed. Jessica was practically Lisa's sister.

Lisa continued crying into Matt's shirt, and the tears stayed in her eyes for several days after that.

The red balloon was in orbit of the moon, accomplishing what many dreamed of, and the yellow balloon had followed behind, and eventually, ran out of air before it could live.


I rather loved writing this. It made me get somewhat emotional.
I am a huge non-bullying supporter, as I was bullied when I was younger, and this tells the story of a girl who was bullied from childhood all the way to adulthood, when she was murdered by a man who had lost his home/money because of her, from the point of view of her best friend.

I also feel this shows how two people who are exactly alike as children can have completely different lives. And when I got to thinking, I figured, "Balloons are like people. All are made from plastic, filled with air. Some are different colors, but it doesn't change that they are all balloons. And some are torn in the factory, some pop as they are flying, and yet some can simply float without a doubt."

So that is the meaning behind the entry.
I love how I can take something so friendly-looking and child-friendly as the theme picture and turn it into something dark. My mum is right... I am morbid.
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Balloons (This is now above 10 characters.)
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