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 Pack Laws

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PostSubject: Pack Laws    Pack Laws  EmptySun Aug 12, 2012 12:22 am

1. Signs of disrespect to alpha(s) will send you to being a "Subordinate" if it continues "Omega" then at worse banishment from the pack.

2. No male is to be in the nursery while mothers are birthing, not until the/a Healer allows them in.

3. Pups are NOT aloud out of the nursery until they can hear, see and walk.

4. Omegas can not have any sort of relationship with a wolf of rank, only with Subordinates.

5. Subordinates may have pups with, Healers, Warriors, Sentinels, Hunters and Shaman, NO leads.

6. Mates must get an alphas approval of being mates before they can have pups.

7. Blind and deaf pups do NOT get named as they may be discarded if found un able to do basics

8. If you attempt to save a discarded pup, you will be to and out of the pack.

9. When a alpha gives an apprentice a rank they MUST train in it and once they are done, they can remain in training to learn something else.

10. No wolf may enter the Shaman's den without knocking, except the case of an emergency.

11. Never question, Alphas, Shaman or Elders.

12. Apprentice's must hunt and tend to the elders each day.
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Pack Laws
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