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 High School Rp (14+)

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High School Rp (14+) - Page 11 15xx46s

Kira looked innocently, her eyes too-bright from nearly crying, though it added to the factor of her pale skin and how sick she looked. "Can you walk me home, I feel like I might faint, for real." she whimpered. Her steps were unsays and she held her stomach a little bit and held her eyes strong to the ground, even her best of friends at home would have thought she was about to die because Ki hated attention so much that she would never show illness. "I mean it Zay, I feel like shit." she swore for emphasis, "please take me home," she looked up and met his eyes with the most honest ones she could manage. As she waited for a response she felt a small sway within her and her eyes widened as her stomach began to hurt, but it wasn't a bad hurt, it as a hurt that she felt was filling her with a happy.
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High School Rp (14+)
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