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 Kenvyan,The outsider (W.I.P)

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PostSubject: Kenvyan,The outsider (W.I.P)   Thu Nov 15, 2012 7:32 pm

The Basics

►-----------------------------------------Name: Kenvyan Sikimoto ---------------------------------------►
◄------------------------------------------Nicknames: Ken, Kenny-----------------------------------------◄
►--------------------------------------------Age: Three years old-------------------------------------------►
◄-------------------------------------------------Gender: Male-----------------------------------------------◄
►-------------------------------------------------Rank: Loner------------------------------------------------►
◄--------------------------------------------Breed: Timber Wolf--------------------------------------------◄

Coat Length: His coat is short but very furry
Pelt Colour: This male's pelt color is grey,black and white
Eye Colour: Pale green
Markings and Designs: This male's markings/desgins is that his main pelt color is grey with a large white streak going from his tail up to his face going down to his belly while his frount paws are black along with his ears,and the tip of his tail
Scars and Scratches: This male has no scars/scratches yet
Wolf Build: He has a very male build with his ears slightly large so he can detect sound and his legs are slightly longer then most wolves making him a bit more speedier

Personality: This male is slightly agressive and would likely cause trouble to most people in a pack but under that agressiveness is a sweet male who cares for lots of people though he would not want to admit he does care about others because as he learned a long time ago is to never admit things to others
Wolf Likes: [color=#9faebd]Water,Hot places,Feas,and Pups
Wolf Dislikes: Wind,Loud sounds,Snow storms
Wolf Strengths: Kenvyan is a exellent fighter along with being a exellent hunter
Wolf Weaknesses: If this male hear a loud sound he will go nuts and he isnt a very good healer
Wolf Habits: Kenvyan sometmes will go in a lake or large river to help him think when he doesnt know what to do next
Wolf Talents: He can climb certain trees and pounce on his target

Parents: His father kyzen,the beta of kennys birth pack, was mates with his mother sapphire,the omega of kennys birth pack, was madly in love though it was forbidden love
Siblings: The male has no siblings for all of his siblings died while thier mother was trying to brith them
Pups: He doesn't yet has pups but wants to someday become a father
Best Bud: None
Friends: None for he has to yet soon meet his new pack
Enemies: His father
Crush: He does not yet have a crush
Mate:This male is single and is ready to mingle

(The rest under this is on W.I.P)


The small newly born brute, pup of Beta male Kyzen and Omegess Sapphire, he grew up hidden from the huge pack in the outskirts of the territory with his mother. He had a thin frame like his mother but was handsome like his father. Sapphire was to weak and the rest of the litter had died. It was a forbidden love, Kyzen had been seeing the Omega for months, untill one day she was pregnant.

The pup's name? Kenvyan, he was happy for most of his life when he turned two, he met his father for the first time. He was still Beta male, still the most powerful brute in the pack and could easily challenge the alpha if he wanted

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Kenvyan,The outsider (W.I.P)
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