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 Valtameri the Observant

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PostSubject: Valtameri the Observant   Valtameri the Observant EmptyThu Nov 15, 2012 10:35 pm

Valtameri the Observant Free_w10

The Basics:

Name: Valtameri
Nicknames: Vally, Meri, Valta, Valti
Age: 2 1/3 years
Gender: Valtameri's sex is male
Rank: He sees the messages the Valley of Stars sends, and wishes to be Shaman
Breed: Valta is 75% red wolf, 25% husky-wolf hybrid


Coat Length: Meri's fur is long and shaggy, almost covering the red collar he wears
Pelt Colour: His fur is a mixture of tan
Eye Colour: Valti's eyes are a piercing amber
Markings and Designs: Valtameri has light underfur, an orangey tail, and other various markings
Scars and Scratches: He has avoided fighting most of the time
Wolf Build: Vally is a small, fox-like male


Personality: Valtameri is observing, and tends to be quiet until the last moment. He is dangerous in fights, as he is always calculating the moves his opponent will make, but he is generally peace-liking
Wolf Likes: Respect, being able to serve well, the smell of herbs
Wolf Dislikes: Lots of noise, fog, his senses being clogged
Wolf Strengths: Meri has the ability to see and talk to the spirits of the deceased, along with being alright in fighting due to his calculations
Wolf Weaknesses: This brute is not very strong
Wolf Habits: He generally does not respond to insults, earning him more annoyance from his companions
Wolf Talents: He is quite fast, along with his brains and his senses of sight, hearing, and smell


Parents: Valti's parents are none of anyone's concern
Siblings: Meri had two older brothers
Pups: Valtameri has yet to fall in love and have kin
Best Bud: His best friend is himself
Friends: Vally's friends are his enemies. As they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer
Enemies: He has yet to have them
Crush: Valta's emotions have not yet come across love
Mate: He has yet to experience this


Reference: His avatar and picture at the front should suffice
Themesong: Colorblind by Say Anything


Valtameri believes that the past should be left there
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Valtameri the Observant
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