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 Waters Of The Stars

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PostSubject: Waters Of The Stars   Waters Of The Stars EmptyThu Nov 22, 2012 2:25 am

Waters Of The Stars Mystic11

The mystic waters of the Valley of the Stars. Once you drink these
sacred waters you are a true wolf of the Valley. Certain wolves who
have sinned in their life can not enter here and become a Valley wolf.
Those wolves slowly evaporate into a this mist and disappear forever.
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PostSubject: Re: Waters Of The Stars   Waters Of The Stars EmptyFri Dec 07, 2012 11:27 pm

(Kinda, really a lot bored :3)

Jay walked around not knowing where to go exactly. Tearla the guider to the Valley had sent him on his own as she had to stay on the earth's surface to send more dead wolves on their way. The brute walked towards the sweet scent of water. It smelled like water but not really. It was not how it used to smell, at all in fact but as soon as he caught a whiff he instantly knew that it was water. Jay walked past many wolves, some very faint and hardly visable as they blended into the mist others fully vibrant looked strong and alive. Just as the brute had made it and walked up to the glowing water, a paw stepped down in front of him.

Two wolves appeared. Jay knew that they had much authority so he bowed down low. 'I guess even in places like these they still have that kind of thing' He thought.'Why are they stopping me? Did I do something? Already?' Not sure what was really going on he looked around as if to get answers. Then Jay remembered what Tearla had said. She had said that two guardians of the waters of the stars would great him. If he was accepted he would be granted to be a Valley wolf.

The second wolf who had appeared asked Jay to stand still, then both wolves made there noses touch the top of Jay's forehead. Like this they remained for what seemed like... A life time? Jay felt all his memories from the moment he was born rush through his mind, as if it was a dvd being rewound and replayed. In reality, thirty seconds had passed, not like time mattered hear but still, thirty seconds had passed and the two wolves stepped back and nodded their heads, allowing Jay to step forward to the Water.

The gray male flicked his tail, happy that he was accepted, really that is the best thing that could ever happen to you in your life. Or... You know what I mean. Jay took four steps forward and his paws were inches away from the water, he looked down and saw his reflection. It didn't look like him. Well physically it did, but something was definitely different. Jay lowered his muzzle to the water, he flinched as it touched, it was ice cold but yet still sweet. Lowering again, he took two sips and he felt more alive then ever before. As if Jay could run across the entire sky and all the land. Like he could take down any beast or bear on his own. Jay smiled. he was finally Alive. Welcome to the Valley of the Stars All the wolves around him said in unison greeting the new valley wolf.
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Waters Of The Stars
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